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Department Mission

The UHS Research Department is responsible for a Human Protections Administration program that assures all study activities related to human subject research, regardless of funding source, will be guided by the principles of the Belmont Report. The department facilitates the review and approval of each research protocol conducted within the University Health System. All research contracts and billing are managed through the Research Department. The UHS Research Billing Department is responsible for all invoicing and collections.

How to Reach Us

Research Department:

University Hospital
4502 Medical Drive, MS
San Antonio, TX 78229
Phone: 210.743.6450
Fax: 210.702.6103

Office Staff:

Anna G Taranova, MD, MS, CCRP
Executive Research Director
Phone: 210.358.3121
Fax: 210.358.3092

Deidre A Winnier, PhD
Phone: 210.743.6451
Fax: 210.702.6103

Janet McCarthy, RN
Clinical Research Coordinator
Phone: 210.743.6457
Fax: 210.702.6103

Tracey Abbott, MS
Senior Research Coordinator
Phone: 210.743.6456
Fax: 210.702.6103

Hours: 7:30 - 4:30pm
Location: Rio Tower 10th floor
(We are located close to the "E"

Rosemary Wells, RRT
Research Coordinator
Phone: 210.743.6464
Fax: 210.702.6103

Amy Richardson
Research Coordinator
Phone: 210.743.6455
Fax: 210.702.6103