Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Do I have to be credentialed?

2. Do I have to be credentialed if I am solely conducting a survey?

3. Does my protocol have to go through the UHS Research Department, if I am conducting a retrospective chart review, survey, or if the study is determined as full board, expedited, exempt, non-human, non-regulated research, or external?

4. How long is your approval process?

5. My IRB approval letter states UHS as a site. Does that cover all Health System facilities?

6. Can I use my Project number from a previously approved study for one that's pending if I need to get my study started?

7. Do my flyers recruiting subjects need approval from your office?

8. Once my protocol is approved what do I do if I have a problem with a bill that I have received for support services for my study? What do I do if one of my patients receives a bill for a procedure that was to be paid by the research study?

9. I have received UT Health San AntonioTM IRB or external IRB approval, may I start conducting research at UHS?